3.0 CT Oval Moissanite Cluster Bridal Ring Set

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Title: 10K White Gold


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✦ The Ring Shown in the Picture Holds Beautiful 3.0 CT Oval Moissanite.

✧ Center Stone Weight: 3.0 CT
✧ Center Stone: Oval Cut
✧ Center Stone Type: Moissanite
✧ Side Stone Weight: 0.26 CT 
✧ Side Stone: Marquise & Round Cut
✧ Moissanite Details: DEF Color, VVS+ Clarity

✧ Stone Weight: 0.39 CT
✧ Stone Cut: Marquise & Round Cut
✧ Stone Type: Moissanite 
✧ Moissanite Detail: DEF Color, VVS+ Clarity

✧ Metal: Solid Gold
✧ Metal Purity: Available Options 10K | 14K | 18K
✧ Metal Authenticity: Metal Authenticity Stamp

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Upon the arrival of your order, our team is filled with joy. We meticulously scrutinize each detail to ensure your preferences are accurately captured. This information is then translated into a comprehensive email for precise confirmation. We anticipate receiving your confirmation within the next 24 hours. Upon receiving your order, our team diligently examines each aspect to ensure that we accurately capture your preferences. This data is then meticulously translated into a detailed confirmation email. We kindly request your confirmation within the next 24 hours. Our team takes great delight in receiving your order and meticulously scrutinizes each detail to capture your preferences accurately.

Precision Carving

Utilizing CAD technology, adept artisans intricately sculpt wax models for every piece, resulting in flawless proportions and elaborate details that breathe life into the designer's vision. Our team of skilled artisans employs advanced CAD technology to meticulously craft wax models for each piece. With the aid of innovative CAD technology, our proficient artisans painstakingly create wax models for each piece, ensuring flawless proportions and intricate embellishments that perfectly capture the essence of the designer's vision. Our skilled artisans utilize advanced CAD technology to intricately sculpt wax models for every piece, resulting in flawless proportions and elaborate details that breathe life into the designer's vision.

Radiant Gem

Utilizing sophisticated techniques, our expert stone setters seamlessly integrate each gem into the piece. Whether nestled within the prongs, set in the bezel, or placed in a pave setting, their precise placements enhance the gem's fire, brilliance, and long-term stability. Our skilled stone setters utilize advanced techniques to seamlessly integrate each gem into the piece, ensuring a flawless and elegant design. With meticulous attention to detail, our expert stone setters enhance the gem's fire, brilliance, and long-term stability through precise placements.

Refined to Perfection

Delicate polishing reveals the captivating charm of both metal and gemstones. Every item undergoes a comprehensive inspection before being carefully packaged with an accompanying certificate of authenticity. Our skilled artisans meticulously enhance the breathtaking beauty of both metal and gemstones through their expert polishing. Each piece is meticulously polished, revealing the captivating charm of both metal and gemstones. Our skilled artisans devote careful attention to detail, ensuring that every item undergoes a comprehensive inspection before it is thoughtfully packaged. Additionally, we provide an accompanying certificate of authenticity for your peace of mind.

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